Welcome, I'm glad you elected to join me on this website. 

My name is Dan Marx and I own Wealth Enhancement, Inc.  We are a local firm that specializes in(and helps people) plan for the distribution of their IRA in the most taxed-advantaged manner.  We feel you may benefit from our services.  This website is an easy and comfortable way for you to make that determination. 

Please allow me a few minutes to talk to you right now about wealth management strategies that I discuss everyday with clients, and when I'm done you can determine with a click of a button if you'd like to learn more.... 

I talk to clients just like you everyday about a comprehensive wealth management system.  If the stock market over the last several years has taught us anything, the first thing I believe it's taught us to be extremely careful. 

J. Paul Getty said it well when he said, "You can put your eggs in one basket but you better watch them like a hawk."  And I agree that that's a true statement. 

And second is to create and grow that wealth.  To really build a nest egg so it can sustain you through retirement and accomplish the critical goals in your life. 

And then third is to plan for the distribution of that hard work...to best utilize your life savings while you are living; you'll need to understand what rules, what laws, and what taxes apply to that distribution... 

Then you'll need a plan for the distribution of that life savings in the most taxed advantaged manner at your death. 

What I call leaving a legacy. 

You see, that's really what planning for the distribution of our life savings after our death is all about... planned properly it can be very powerful. 

Albert Einstein said it best... 

One of the great secrets of our world and especially investing, is what he called 'the 8th wonder of the world", tax-deferred compound interest. 

And that's what this is... your retirement plan is tax deferral and compounding for you, your kids and your grandkids benefit.  But, only if you set it up right or only if the kids make their own choice correctly 

90 percent of all IRAs are cashed out at the second death and it ends tax deferred compound interest; what Albert Einstein called one of the eight wonders of the world... Don't let your IRA become an IOU to the IRS.  These issues become more important everyday and I'm sure that your going to want to meet with me just like my other clients do... 

You know, I really enjoy our relationship with my clients and I enjoy getting to know their friends as well.  There's no monopoly on good ideas and I'm sure you would agree with that... 

I would propose a no cost, no strings attached, second opinion on your situation.  And, I'll make you one promise right now... 

If we're still chattin' after 50 minutes together, it will be because you decided to talk with me about developing a plan to help you and your family.  It sure won't be because I tried to sell you something! 

Just click on either the email link to the right of the picture above or hit the contact us button at the top of the page and one of my staff will get back with you to set up a no pressure visit where we can discuss wether or not I can help you with your situation as I have for so many others just like you. 

Thanks for coming to my website and I look forward to meeting with you soon!